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Everything for sale here is marked less than the suggested retail price.
I've included my "humble opinion" on most items in case you need help deciding.

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Jewelry & Craft Organizer Case w/ 5 Sorting Trays Jewelry & Craft Organizer Case w/ 5 Sorting Trays

This is my bag of choice. Mind you, I haven't tried a whole lot of bags, but I really like this one. It comes with 5 sorter trays like the "Craft & Home Organizer" ones below, but it can carry up to 6. The bag is made of nylon and has 2 pockets on each side and 1 large one on the back.. It also has elastic slots to hold your tools on the inside of the top.

TIP: If you're going to be packing the bag with a lot of weight like I do, I'd take your jewelry epoxy E6000 and glue in place the triangular plastic piece that on each end of the strap that is attached to the bag.

Additional shipping charges will apply. You will be notified after check out or contact us for a quote.

Jewelry & Craft Travel Tote Jewelry & Craft Travel Tote

This bag is actually very cool if you're going on a trip somewhere. It rolls and has a retractable handle, just like your a-typical carry-on bags. It has 2 pouches on the side with sleeves & pockets, a large pocket sleeve in the front just under the flap and a large main compartment for you to put your beads & what-not. It also comes with a portfolio. This case wasn't actually designed for jewelers, but I think it works nicely.

Additional shipping charges will apply. You will be notified after check out or contact us for a quote.

Craft & Home Organizer Trays Craft & Home Organizer Trays

These are the same trays that come with the bag above. What I like about these trays is that when you fill them up with your beads, they don't weigh a ton. I have a bunch of them with my beads sorted by color and when I need to take my beads with me for classes or whatever, I just pull out the trays with the colors I want, throw them in the Organizer Case above and I'm gone. It's very handy. Another thing I like about them is that the slots are large enough so that if you want to resort your beads, it's easy to get your fingers in there to take them out.

17 Compartments; 6 3/4 x 10 1/4 x 1 3/4"

Travel Organizing Tray Travel Organizing Tray

What a great sorter this is!!! It is an excellent starter case for anyone who wants to get into beading. This is also the perfect sorter for small findings (crimp beads, jump rings, head pins, clasps, etc). Inside the case are individual compartments for you to add all your little pieces, and you can label them and see thru them as well. It comes with some extra compartments as well as a scooper & tweezers. If you don't have a whole lot of beads and don't want to get the Organizer Case, this has a handle on it so you can just pick it up and go. It does fit in the Organizer Case, though, if you decide to get both.

Needle Nose Pliers 4.5 Needle Nose Pliers 4.5"

First off, these are my FAVORITE pliers. Yes, they're pink and only come in pink, but I find that they're sturdy and have a nice narrow "nose". I find that many other pliers with the spongy type grips seem to fall apart after a while. I bought my first pair of these at Joanne's in Arizona in 2001 and I'm still using them to this day. I also like that they are very very slightly serrated so they grip better without marking the wire.

Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers w/ Cutters 5 Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers w/ Cutters 5"

Honestly, I'm not that crazy about these. They work well as pliers, but if you're thinking you'll be saving money by getting a 2 in 1 tool, I'd have to say you might want to rethink things. ONLY because of the fact that you can't cut closely with these. But I know a girl who likes them, so again, it's up to you. This is just my humble opinion.

Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers (Smooth) 5 Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers (Smooth) 5"

These are my flat nose pliers of choice. I like the handle, it's sturdy and doesn't come apart easily like many of the other pliers out there, even the ones that cost 2-3 times as much. They also have smooth tips (not serrated) so they won't ding your wire like the serrated ones.

Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers (Serrated) w/ Cutter 5 Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers (Serrated) w/ Cutter 5"

Again, I'm not crazy about these pliers either. Only because the serrated tips are very serrated. They certainly have their purpose, but I rarely use them for that reason. They also have the cutter on them like the needle nose ones above, but they don't cut very closely.

Bent Nose Jewelry Pliers (Serrated) 5 Bent Nose Jewelry Pliers (Serrated) 5"

A lot of people really like these kind of pliers, but I don't find they do much for me. They're supposed to be more ergonomic which is the reason for their popularity. They do take a little getting used to.

Jewelry Wire Cutters 4.5 Jewelry Wire Cutters 4.5"

I like these wire cutters. Again, they have my preferred style of handle and they cut on the diagonal so you can get in there very tightly. One thing, though, is that if you intend on cutting thick wire (20 gauge or thicker), I'd use the End Cutters below.

Jewelry End Cutters 4.5 Jewelry End Cutters 4.5"

These are really good if you're cutting thick wire and doing more heavy duty cutting. If you use these as well as the wire cutters, they will give more life to your wire cutters.

Split Ring Pliers 5.5 Split Ring Pliers 5.5"

These pliers are actually very handy when using split rings. Of course they're not a necessity, but because the split rings are very tiny, you will find that using these will make your life much easier.

Crimping Pliers 5 Crimping Pliers 5"

You know, I never really thought these had much purpose. I always figured I could use a pair of flat nose pliers to do the same job, but how wrong I was. Because of the way this crimps, they create a much stronger bond and, when done right, your pieces won't come apart. I actually had a bracelet I made that got caught on something and even though the wire I had used on it was very strong, it was the wire that broke and the crimp bead didn't budge.

Thing-A-Ma-Jig ~ Beginners (Acrylic) Thing-A-Ma-Jig ~ Beginners (Acrylic)

Thing-A-Ma-Jig ~ Deluxe (Aluminum) Thing-A-Ma-Jig ~ Deluxe (Aluminum) $17.00
Knotting Tweezers Knotting Tweezers $1.50
5 Piece Jewelry Plier Set 5 Piece Jewelry Plier Set

This is great for the person who wants all the tools. In it you get:

  • My favorite needle nose pliers
  • Bent Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers (Smooth)
  • Flat Nose Pliers w/ Cutter (Serrated)
  • Wire Cutters

It's a great deal !

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