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Using Wire Class

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PART 1: SKILLS (1 - 1˝ Hours)

  • Choosing when to use wire as opposed to cord
  • Benefits of using wire
  • Different types of wire & wire gauges
  • Wire wrapping, looping, adding chain/chain links
  • Adding pendants
  • Finishing the ends: jump rings, split rings & adding clasps
  • In Part 1 I will teach you the basic skills needed to make your necklace.  You may then take as much time as you feel you need practicing these skills before starting your piece.  If you don't have time to finish before the end of the class, you may either finish it on your own or you can bring it to a  Follow Up Class.

    PART 2: MAKING YOUR NECKLACE: (1˝ - 2 Hours)
    Once you've learned the basic skills, I will get you started on making your necklace.  Feel free to ask any questions as I will be there for guidance and help with whatever you need.  If you're not yet comfortable to begin making your piece, feel free to take more time and practice.  You can always take your piece home to work on or bring it back to a Follow Up Class.

    Choose the necklace design you'd like to make. You don't have to make the exact necklace pictured.  You are welcome to use different stones and pendants if you like. I will be bringing a selection of pendants, but if you are wanting to use different stones, I will need to know prior to the class which ones you would like to use.

    Click here for approved design options.


  • Each class will be $80 per person plus $20 if you want to keep your tools (wire cutters, round nose pliers & flat nose pliers).  Each has different tools.
  • Click here to purchase tools, sorter trays, carrying cases, etc.
  • Min 2 / max 6 people per class.
  • Payment by Amex, Visa, Master Card, cash or Paypal only.
    These are classes for repeat students so that they can practice their skills.  Click here for details.   Every 4th Follow Up Class is FREE!

    Classes will be held at a studio in mid-town Manhattan/NYC. The location will be emailed after registration.

    Click here to view the class schedule.


    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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